keep your employees mentally fit

Our experienced SST Coaches will help your people get back on track in one session.


Do you already have a code through your employer?

In that case you can immediately book a video call with an experienced coach.

We are flexible: appointments can be made from three weeks and up to four hours in advance, even outside office hours.

Forward, in one session

Our One Session coaches are university-trained Psychologists. Thanks to our broad knowledge and experiences we can help your employees back on track with what’s going on in their lives right now in one session.

Fast & Flexible

One can book a coaching session from 3 weeks, or 4 hours in advance (even outside of office hours). No unnecessary investment in time and money. A direct practical conversation about what is happening in one’s life or work right now and how one can tackle it.

Personal and confidential

Everyone is different. We offer personal coaching on how one can deal with their unique situation. Our coaches have a duty of confidentiality, this way, employees can also quickly tackle issues that they do not dare to share with the organization.

One session at the right time makes a world of difference.

We are the first in the Netherlands to coach according to the Single Session Therapy (SST) method.

Better mental health, more fun & productivity in the workplace, without high investments or overcomplicating.

Whether it concerns employees who want to develop or who are stuck, with SST we will nudge your employee in the right direction in one hour, so they will be able to continue on their own.

Interested? Read here how you could use SST-coaching for your organisation. Starting today, if necessary!

How One Session works

Your employees can call in an experienced coach when they need one in just a few simple steps.

Compose a Package

You determine how many sessions can be booked by your employees. You can start with our 5 session pilot package

Company Code

You receive a company code. Your employees can use this code to book a session themselves at the point of need. With a coach of their choice.


The 1-on-1 sessions re always 100% confidential.
For effective coaching, the privacy of employees is essential.


We ask the employees to grade their conversation. We share this anonymous assessment with the organisation.

How is One Session received?

This is what professionals say about One Session

Sofie Nooijen

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You can also book a video call directly in my calendar.
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It is important to invest in good mental health

“The stigma around stress and mental health remains a reality in Europe. Sustained stress can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, compromised job satisfaction, declined employee performance, and health problems.

The costs of poor mental health in the workplace are enormous, regardless of the sector.

Investing in the protection of mental health in the workplace has a positive short- and long-term impact on employees, employers, and society.”


79% of European managers are concerned about stress in the workplace.


28% of employees believe their employer is not interested in their mental well-being.


30% of European organisations have a policy on work-related stress.


17% of employees in Europe experience stress on a daily basis.

source: Mental Health Europe /

Grant your people One Session

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organisation. We can be reached on working days between 9.00 and 18.00 and by phone and will respond to email within 24 hours.



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