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One Session is the brainchild of Helen van Empel. She always felt like the good things about mental health care could be offered more effectively and easily. This resulted in her bringing the Single Session Coaching to the Netherlands and founding One Session in 2020.

SST coaches in overleg
F.l.t.r.: Josine van Vegchel, Emma Harmsen, Helen van Empel en Annick Vlak .

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Mission & Vision


We believe that the world becomes a more beautiful place when we recognize our difficulties more.
That way it becomes easier to share our struggles which in turn makes it easier to deal with them better together.
We want to make the psychological insights and tools available to everyone and make sure that there’s always someone there for you when you get stuck.

We believe that the world becomes a more beautiful place when we recognize our difficulties more.


Using our knowledge, experience and attention to help people in a low-threshold way to help one look at their problems differently and deal with them better. Inspire people to have real conversations, and improve communication outside the sessions as well.

By collecting and sharing the best methods, insights, and tools and making sure there is always someone for you when you get stuck.

When One Hour is All You Have: Effective Therapy for Walk-in Clients.
Helen van Empel en Ilonka Hanneman

SST training (RINO)

We like to share our way of working with experienced colleagues.
Do you have a university degree in psychology, a broad continuing education and extensive experience? Would you like to expand your knowledge with this new way of working in the Netherlands? We provide an Single Session Therapy training at RINO.

This training is a combination of theory and practice. In addition to insight into the background and elements of SST, this means a lot of practice. You use your own issues that are important to you at that moment. This way you can really experience what it is like to work with this method.

You can find more information and register at rino.nl

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Why Single Session Coaching?

Failed or Succeeded?
Coaches and psychologists traditionally think more in terms of trajectories than sessions, despite the fact that most people stop after just one session. First this was considered a “failed project”, but research shows that most people were actually very satisfied with that one session. That one session was found so useful, that they did not feel like needing any more to move on.

A method to fully utilize that one session.

A new way of coaching
With this insight as a starting point, Single Session Therapy (SST) has been developed: a method to fully utilize that one session. Organisations can also reap the benefits of this. With just one session you can help your employees get back on track. After all, a healthy organisation consists of healthy and happy employees.

SST has developed since the early 1990s and shown popular in Australia, America, Canada and England among others. One Sessions is the first to use the method in the Netherlands. And with success.

The One Session Team

These experienced psychologists make One Session possible. Read more about our team

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