One Session: empower your team’s minds, enhance your company’s success.

As an employer, you want your employees to be healthy, happy, and productive. But sometimes, life’s challenges can get in the way. That’s where One Session can help.

Our service offers anonymous and confidential one-hour video call sessions with experienced psychologists, focused on the current issue and empowering your employees to take the next steps. Our Single Session Therapy approach has a high satisfaction rate, and our service is available evenings and weekends, with no cost to your employees thanks to your partnership with us.

Confidentiality is our top priority, and we only ask for a quick 1-5 star review after each session. By providing access to One Session, you’re showing your employees that you care about their well-being and supporting them in their efforts to overcome any obstacles they may be facing.

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on demand

Book with us online and enjoy the convenience of quick availability, with appointments typically scheduled within 48 hours, even during evenings and weekends. Our services are offered in both Dutch and English, making it easy for you to communicate with us and receive the support you need.


Let’s focus on building self-direction and resilience. By empowering individuals to take control of their well-being, we can help them lead fulfilling lives. Let’s work together to prioritize self-direction and resilience in our confidential conversations.

high quality

Our Single Session Therapy method, executed by a team of experienced psychologists, has been validated and proven successful with clients. Our approach has received high satisfaction ratings, with an average of 4.8 out of 5, and is an effective and efficient solution for addressing mental health concerns.

Discover the benefits of One Session for your organisation

In a brief video call, we will show you how One Session can help your organization overcome challenges and achieve its goals. We’ll listen to your unique needs, demonstrate the ease of anonymous and fast sessions, and discuss how we can support your employees.

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It is important to invest in good mental health

“The stigma around stress and mental health remains a reality in Europe. Sustained stress can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, compromised job satisfaction, declined employee performance, and health problems.

The costs of poor mental health in the workplace are enormous, regardless of the sector.

Investing in the protection of mental health in the workplace has a positive short- and long-term impact on employees, employers, and society.”


79% of European managers are concerned about stress in the workplace.


28% of employees believe their employer is not interested in their mental well-being.


30% of European organisations have a policy on work-related stress.


17% of employees in Europe experience stress on a daily basis.

Bron: Mental Health Europe / mhe-sme.org

Pilot package

The best way to find out how SST-Coaching can work for your organisation is to experience it.
This is easy with our pilot package.

  • Within 24 hours of the order confirmation, you get a company code with which employees can book a session. 
  • 5 sessions / € 1125,- excl. vat.

Fill in the form and within 24 hours you will receive a non-binding quotation/order confirmation and information about the package.

Frequently asked questions

How can One Session benefit my employees?

Our sessions are designed to help employees leverage their own expertise and skills to achieve their goals and make progress in their careers and deal with problems. We will work with them to clarify their current situation, identify any missing information or skills, and provide advice and guidance to help them overcome any obstacles they may be facing. By involving their surroundings and taking concrete steps towards their goals, employees will be able to move forward with confidence.

We understand that changes often happen gradually and that real progress is made outside of our sessions. One session may be enough to help an employee get back on track and make meaningful progress towards their goals. By offering our service to your employees, you can help them gain the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

For whom are the sessions suitable?

Our sessions are suitable for individuals facing impactful moments or changes in their lives, such as conflicts, doubts about important decisions, career transitions, relationship problems, and the need for quick adjustments to prevent more serious issues.

These sessions aim to promote well-being and functioning, as well as provide support in the context of relapse prevention. Additionally, our sessions can be beneficial for those seeking guidance on career development, communication skills, and understanding personal triggers.

These sessions can provide an extra boost for individuals going through a major life change such as a reorganization, a new position, or a personal event like a divorce or birth.

Why choose an experienced psychologist for coaching?

While coaching and therapy may share similar goals of helping individuals improve their well-being and functioning, an experienced psychologist offers a unique set of skills and knowledge. 

Our coaches at One Session are not only university-trained in psychology, but also have extensive experience and additional training in various models and techniques. This allows them to provide a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to coaching, addressing not just specific goals, but also underlying issues and patterns that may be impacting the individual’s overall well-being. 

By choosing an experienced psychologist for coaching, clients can benefit from a deeper level of understanding and support on their journey to personal growth and development.

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Hoe kun je als organisatie One Session inzetten?
  • Vrijblijvend – Medewerkers beslissen zelf of, wanneer en over welk onderwerp de sessie gepland wordt.
  • Bij reintegratie – Medewerkers wordt als onderdeel van het reintegratie traject One Session aangeboden.
  • Bij (cultuur) veranderingen – Medewerkers worden geholpen kansen te zien ondanks de vaak aanwezige weerstand tegen verandering.
  • Op inititief van management of hr – Wanneer HR of de manager denkt dat een coaching sessie de medewerker kan helpen
  • Bij beoordelingsgesprekken – Medewerkers zien vaak op tegen functioneringsgesprekken. One Session helpt hen hier juist kansen te zien.
What feedback does the organisation get from the sessions?

Once a week we mail the feedback from the week before. These are at least the 1 to 5 star ratings that staff give anonymously at the end of the session. If staff give permission, we also share the more extensive feedback from the sessions.

Depending on the agreements the organisation has with its employees regarding anonymity, we can also send a monthly overview of the sessions of the past month (date, first name and email address of the employee).

Towards the end of the package, we evaluate it with the organisation. In the meantime, we are also available for consultation and will gladly think along with you about how best to use the sessions in your organisation.

What if an employee wants a follow-up session?

The employer decides how many sessions are available per employee per year.

The aim of SST Coaching is to give you the insights and tools which you can use to further improve yourself (see “How can one session be enough?”).

Our advice is always to let the session sink in first. Change takes time and is a matter of practice, reflection and adjustment. It will therefore take some time before the effect of the session on the desired change is clear.
However, people often experience a sense of relief immediately after the session. This can make it attractive to book a new session quickly. Instead, we recommend that you talk to people around you about what is bothering you. People who have earned your trust. And, if they are colleagues, preferably colleagues who have no personal interest in the situation and can really be there for you.

Change is usually gradual, and happens mostly outside the session, not during. One session can be enough to ensure that the employee can continue.

Of course new questions and situations in which one needs support might arise.
Our advice is to offer employees a few sessions a year, and give directions about the frequency, for example: at least 4 weeks within two sessions.

Why videocalls?

We work with video calls because they allow us to schedule calls quickly and flexibly, regardless of location. It also reduces travel.

Give your employees One Session

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