One Session Coaching Packages

Company Code

To request a company code for employee SST sessions, please fill out the online form. You have the option to request a single session or a package of 10 sessions (for 10 employees).

Book Directly Online

Employees can use the company code to schedule a 1-on-1 video call online, it’s available within 48 hours, also in the evening, and on weekends

Personal & Confidential

Employees get expert support on their schedule with our online, confidential and personalized psychological sparring sessions

This is how easy it is to work with One Session
Effective coaching in four steps

We’ll start with an introductory meeting via video=call with the responsible manager or HR-employee. We will discuss the following, among others:

  • What is SST-Coaching? 
  • What are the employee’s needs?
  • What is the organization’s need/purpose? 
  • How can the sessions best be used to realize these needs?

Every person is unique and differs from one another in terms of background, character, life experience, knowledge, ambition etc.

The same essentially applies to companies; one speaks of the DNA of a company, the corporate culture and identity, in other words: the organizational identity.

Each unique company faces this question of how to make all of these unique, different people (with the agreement: employee) work together optimally and contribute to the company culture so that they feel part of the organizational identity.

SST-coaching is ideally suited for customization, tailored to the wishes of both employee and company – below are a few examples of how SST-coaching can be implemented:

  • One possibility would be to give each employee one session within a specific time period. The employee can book this session without further consultation whenever he or she needs it.
  • Another possibility is that employees need to make an appointment with the manager or a HR-employee first when they feel in need of a session. The latter will assess whether the employee is eligible for a session.
  •  The sessions are often linked to a fixed moment in time – for example: an annual assessment interview. The session could be scheduled before the interview to help the employee prepare and think about desired changes. The assessment interview can be a lot more effective if it is well prepared.
  • But, also after the assessment interview a session can be used to help the employee process the messages properly and convert it into action.
  • Hoe kan het aanbod onder de aandacht van de medewerkers gebracht worden? 

How will we be able to bring the offer of the session to the attention of the employees?

We like to think along and will be able to help by offering material to make the offer of the organization and our working method known to the employees.


As an organisation you will choose the number of sessions you want to offer your employees. Then you will receive a company code with which your employees will be able to book a session with an experienced coach of their choice without making extra costs.

As an organisation, you can indicate whether you want to limit the times/periods for which bookings can be made. For example: only after six o’clock in the evening.

Optionally, multiple codes can be created. For example, a personal code that can be used by one employee several times a year, or a separate code for every department of the organization.

Once you’ve made your choice, we will provide a quote/order confirmation for your organisation.

One session takes one hour, and initially has a price of € 225 excl. VAT.


We are available on working days for consultation and support about how to use sessions, when SST-coaching would be suitable, and for other specific questions by e-mail, telephone, and WhatsApp.

In times of the Corona pandemic, many employees – whether or not forced- are working from home. We register that in addition to increasing demand for coaching, many employees like to discuss how they should handle work in their specific, individual home situation.

Despite this increased demand, we will respond as quickly as possible and guaranteed within 24 hours.

As an manager or HR-employee, you also have the possibility to schedule a video-call for consultation immediately.

Towards the end of your package, we will discuss whether and how we proceed together.


We believe privacy is essential for effective coaching. the employee must be able to speak freely in the knowledge that nothing discussed in the session will be shared afterwards. The sessions are subject to the usual confidentiality obligations of psychologists (see professional code NIP).

Naturally, you want to know whether the sessions are meaningful. That’s why we ask for an anonymous rating of the session (1 to 5 stars) at the end of the session.

Besides the ratings we also ask the employee to give us more extensive feedback; if the employee gives permission, this feedback will also be shared with your organisation.

We share the ratings and feedback with the organization after every week by e-mail.

Depending on the agreements the organisation makes with its employees about anonymity, we could also send an overview once a month with the date, first name and e-mail addresses of the employees who booked a session in that month.

(feedback from employees and the information about the bookings are not linked)

Discover the benefits of One Session for your organisation

In a brief video call, we will show you how One Session can help your organization overcome challenges and achieve its goals. We’ll listen to your unique needs, demonstrate the ease of anonymous and fast sessions, and discuss how we can support your employees.

Schedule now to unlock the potential of One Session for your organisation. 

Pilot package

The best way to find out how SST-Coaching can work for your organisation is to experience it.
This is easy with our pilot package.

  • Within 24 hours of the order confirmation, you get a company code with which employees can book a session. 
  • 5 sessions / € 1125,- excl. vat.

Fill in the form and within 24 hours you will receive a non-binding quotation/order confirmation and information about the package.

Included in the package for your organisation:

  • A company code that you can give to your people with which they can book a session themselves when they need it. 
  • A weekly email with the anonymous reviews of the sessions from the week before.
  • Support, advice, and consultation about the implementation of session, and information by mail, video-call and WhatsApp. 
  • Possibly: a monthly overview of the bookings (date, first name, email address).
  • We do not share substantive information about the sessions. Our duty of confidentiality applies to everything discussed in the sessions.


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