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How can One Session help me?

Does your organisation offer One Session coaching?

You can make an appointment on your own initiative whenever you feel the need and for for whatever reason, to give you an idea:

  • I have an important decision to make, and I want to talk about that.
  • I want to invest in my professional development.
  • I have problems with a colleague.
  • I want to improve my work-life balance.
  • I suffer from stress and work related pressure.
  • I aspire to fulfill another position.
  • I do not feel appreciated
  • I do not get any satisfaction from my work.
  • My work never seems to end.
  • I am having problems which I do not want to discuss at work.

As an employee, you want to:
  • make a valuable contribution in an organisation that cares about you.
  • Develop yourself and have balance in your life.
But the reality is unruly:
  • Due to high work pressure.
  • Or, because working with others does not always go well.
  • And out of fear for ‘hassle’ you prefer not to talk about (mental) difficulties.
The negative consequences:
  • You keep going on for too long and your problems accumulate.
  • You function, but you do not develop.
  • You no longer see how things can be improved, more fun or more interesting.

Esther Perel

SST-Coaching in practice

In the podcast How’s Work? you can join Esther Perel and hear how she is able to help people with their business/work related problems and get back on track in one session.

We understand that:
  • It is not easy to ask for help, especially when the problem is related to your private life.
  • You may think that only a huge problem is worth discussing.
  • You don’t want to go through a very thorough treatment process right away.
The solution: SST-Coaching
  • Quick, concrete help for those who have gotten stuck and want to invest in themselves.
  • In just one session, we help you get back on track.
  • Privacy is key: nothing from our conversation is shared with your organisation, a GP or anyone else.
  • We are independent; we do not mediate, we are there just for you.
  • We are competent and practical; all coaches are experienced psychologists.
  • The sessions are one-on-one: you get all the attention.
  • You will receive personal, concrete advice.
The positive consequences:
  • You can make choices that suit you better;
  • You are aware of what you can and cannot control;
  • You take the next step in your career;
  • You finally break through certain barriers;
  • You get completely new insights;
  • You feel better in your own skin;
  • All of which is reverberated in your private live.
How does it work?
  • Your organisation selects a package.
  • You will receive a code from your organisation.
  • You can use that code to schedule an appointment online, whenever you need support.
  • At a time that suits you.
  • Op een moment dat jou uitkomt.
  • You choose your own coach.
  • The sessions are online, via videocall (Zoom).
  • The session is paid for by your organisation.
No SST-coaching available through your organisation yet?
  • Send this website or download this pdf to send to manager(s) and HR employee(s).
  • Also one could check out the menu especially for managers/HR on our webiste.
How SST-Coaching can help you.

Does your organisation offer One Session coaching? You can make an appointment on your own initiative whenever you feel the need and for for whatever reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is One Session for me?

One Session suits you when you:

  • Want to talk openly about what you’re struggling with and what you want.
  • Are willing to take responsibility for the problem and possible solutions.
  • Do not want to change things that already go well (if it works, don’t fix it).
  • Do not feel the need for prolonged self-examination, but need solutions for your current situation. 
What about my privacy?

We believe privacy is essential for effective coaching. You must be able to speak freely in the knowledge that nothing from the session will be shared. The sessions are subject to the usual confidentiality obligations of psychologists (see professional code NIP).

Of course, the organisation wants to know whether the talks they offer are useful. Therefore, at the end of the session we ask for an anonymous rating of the session (1 to 5 stars). We share this assessment with the organisation as a matter of course.

We also ask for more extensive feedback, primarily for ourselves. You can indicate whether this anonymous feedback may also be shared with the organisation. We will not share this feedback without your permission.

What questions can I ask you?

That is very broad, some examples to give you an idea:

I suffer from:

  • a lack of energy
  • emotions like anxiety, gloom, guilt, shame, anger
  • stress
  • procrastination
  • aimlessness, doubt

I want:

  • to improve the communication with my colleagues
  • be more disciplined
  • invest in my professional development
  • make an important decision
  • adapt to a new phase in my career
  • resolve a conflict at work

SST coaching is not suitable as a treatment for chronic, severe psychiatric problems.SST-coachinig is not suitable for crisis situations. In case of crisis, contact your GP or 113 | suicide prevention | ☎ 0900-0113. For more information see: Crisis service and crisis shelter.

Why videocalls?

We work with video calls because they allow us to schedule calls quickly and flexibly, regardless of location. It also reduces travel.

How can one session be enough?

The aim of the session is to ensure that you can move on. That you can adjust in the direction you want to go.

We use our expertise to help you leverage your expertise.

Sometimes it is enough to be reminded of the skills you have, and how you can use them in the current situation. Sometimes you are missing information and skills that you need in this situation. We help you to clarify the situation. We can give advice and information. We will look together at how you can involve your surroundings. We discuss which concrete steps you can take after the session. Changes usually happen gradually and happen outside the session, not during it. One session can be enough to ensure that you can move on again.

Can I schedule a second session immediately after the session?

The aim of SST Coaching is to give you the insights and tools which you can use to further improve yourself (see “How can one session be enough?”).

Our advice is always to let the session sink in first. Change takes time and is a matter of practice, reflection and adjustment. It will therefore take some time before the effect of the session on the desired change is clear.
However, people often experience a sense of relief immediately after the session. This can make it attractive to book a new session quickly. Instead, we recommend that you talk to people around you about what is bothering you. People who have earned your trust. And, if they are colleagues, preferably colleagues who have no personal interest in the situation and can really be there for you.

What if I want a follow-up session?

The aim of SST-Coaching is to help you on your way if you want to change something. Our advice is to always allow time to pass before deciding whether to make a new appointment (see “Can I schedule a second session immediately after the session?”). This way you can experience the effect of the session and how far you come with the insights and tools from the session.

If, along the way, you need help to adjust, in the situation as it is, you can book another session. Your organisation decides how many sessions are offered per employee. Ask the person responsible in your organisation about the possibilities.  

If you want to make an appointment outside your organisation, you can do so at

Why a psychologist as a coach?

The primary goal of both coaching and therapy is to make a person feel and function better. Our coaches are university-trained psychologists with extensive experience and further training. We choose this because we think it is important that our coaches have broad knowledge and can draw on many different models and instruments.

Read more about our team

How to book with my company code?

When your organisation offers SST-Coaching by One Session you can use the company code. Your organisation pays for your session beforehand; with the code you will get a 100% discount. Click here for all the steps to book your session.

How does the session work?


We do not focus on in-depth self-examination, but on what is going on in your life right now.

We clarify what, for you, is the most important point of attention right now. Think about it before the session. The better you prepare, the more you will get out of the session. (You can read how to do this here).  

In the session, we ask detailed questions. After all, every person and every situation is different. We do not stray too far, the focus remains clear.


The aim of SST coaching is to set you in motion, so that you can move forward. And then you have to think of small changes, you adjust a little bit a time.

We believe that people already have everything within them to deal with a problem themselves. SST coaching only offers the tools that are best suited to your situation.

We will also investigate how you can get help from those around you. Do you need additional information or training? Then we will give you that information or refer you.

Action and follow-up

At the end of the interview, you will receive practical advice that you can use yourself. For example, you will learn to recognise a certain pattern, making it easier to break through.

Preferably take time to reflect on the session immediately after it has ended.

Read here how you can do this. See how it goes with the new insights and with help from your surroundings. It may take some time before you notice the change.

Therefore, always let the session sink in for a while before you consider requesting a new session. In consultation with your organisation, you can book a follow-up session if you need support again.



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