Arentina Drenth

Master of Clinical Psychology (1995) & Postdoc Health Care Psychology (2001) & Postdoc Behavioral Therapy (2017)

During my sessions I will coach you to get insights and define practical actions that will help you forward.   


  • SST-Coaching – Single Session Therapy
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • EMDR – Trauma therapy
  • ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • SFBT – Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • MBCT – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

‘Do you notice that you are worrying? Are anxious or gloomy feelings getting in your way? Are you stuck in a certain pattern or do you no longer know how to deal with a problem? I am happy to help you discover what you can do differently to more fully enjoy life.’

What is your style as a coach?

During my sessions I will coach you to get insights and define practical actions that will help you forward.   

We will work together to discover what you struggle with and what you can do to deal with this. I assume you are the expert of your own life. As a coach I help you to clarify what you can do differently to cope with difficulties and feel better. When I offer you exercises, they are always practical and easy to apply. My aim is for you to fully enjoy life again.’

What is your background?

‘I studied psychology in The United States, Belgium and The Netherlands. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Colorado, my master’s degree in clinical psychology in Brussels and the postgraduate training as a health care psychologist in Utrecht. I have been working as a psychologist since 1997. Over time, I specialised in stress, sleep, depression, trauma and anxiety.

“It doesn’t have to be that hard” is my motto. Small steps in a different direction can make a huge difference. That’s why my interest lies in easily applicable ways to do things differently that make you feel better.

Besides my work as a psychologist, I give workshops about sleep, stress and trauma and I wrote a book in Dutch about how to overcome anxiety. Silversmithing is a hobby that I spend my free time on.’

What do you like about SST coaching?

‘It makes me happy to discover together with clients what they can do differently so that they enjoy life more. To work on the difficulties at the time of need, without a waiting list. To discover how the client sees possibilities instead of limitations within one session.’

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