Ilonka Hanneman

Ilonka Hanneman

Master Clinical Psychology

Ilonka Hanneman (1973) has a clear, direct and empathic coaching style.

Experience & Expertise

‘People can come to me if they worry a lot, get stuck in their work, want to change certain behaviour or run into problems with parenting.’

What is your style as a coach?

‘I speak clearly and to the point. When I’m coaching someone for One Session, I usually understand fairly quickly what a person needs.

Sometimes people feel like they are not in control of their own lives, that everything seems to happen to them. I try to point them to their own behaviour, and what they can control. This isn’t always fun to hear, but I always stay respectful. I often hear from cliënts that they like this combination of empathy and direct communication.

I sometimes compare my work to a roll of tape, of which you can’t seem to find the beginning. That can be very frustrating. As a coach, I see it as my job to say: turn that role of tape around, try the other side and see what happens next.’

What is your background?

‘After my study Clinical Psychology, I ended up in the business world as a trainer and coach. I thought this was very nice, but over time I started to miss treating people. Now I do both: the perfect combination!
In the meantime, I’ve gained twenty years of clinical experience from different angles.

People can come to me if they worry a lot, get stuck in their work, want to change certain behaviour, or run into problems with parenting.

I myself am a mother of four sons – people are sometimes surprised by that, but I enjoy it to the fullest. In combination with my work, I lead a busy life, but I regularly go for walks with my white shepherd Saartje. I really enjoy being in nature, that’s where I find my peace.’

What do you like about SST coaching?

‘I always love it when I see someone figured it out, when one realizes: this is what I’m doing, that’s why it keeps going wrong. And that someone is then able to do something about it. The realization: now I’m brooding again, and we’re not going to do that anymore.

The Single Session Therapy (SST) Method makes it possible to achieve this in one session. That’s wonderful.’

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