Jochem van der Willigen

Jochem van der Willigen

Masters Social Psychology and Clinical Psychology with a postdoc Psychotherapist

Jochem van der Willigen (1977) studied Social and Clinical Psychology and com and completed the postgraduate training to become a Psychotherapist. ‘I don’t advise much, but I like to show you the realistic consequences of choices.’

Experience & Expertise

‘People can come to me if they would like to find out why they keep on having the same problems or struggles. Together we can have a look what patterns are related to them and where they are coming from. We have a look at what could be a good (first) step to break through the recurring patterns so that eventually they cause fewer problems.

I have a wide range of knowledge from my education and experience in the mental healthcare sector.’

What is your style as a coach?

‘I like to give space, comfort and calmness in my sessions, while I let it sink in what someone says and which impression is gives. I will look for the questions that could lie behind the words.

I don’t advise much, but I like to focus on the realistic consequences of choices. Understanding of what is happening opens up a wider range of possibilities. For example, you may be looking very hard for a solution to discover that thát is precisely the problem.’

What is your background?

‘I studied Social Psychology where we focus on people in groups. Many of our feelings and behaviors are inseparable from our social environment. The study Clinical Psychology focuses on psychological problems and therapy. I worked for years in addiction care with serious challenges. After that as a behavioral scientist for practitioners of people with mild intellectual disabilities and their environment. I have also done a lot of cognitive behavioral therapy for work-related problems and mediated in labor disputes.

I currently work in a psychotherapy practice where we mainly work more long-term in breaking unhealthy patterns of interaction and developing a more balanced and positive self-image. At One Session there is a big contrast with how I work in the psychotherapy practice, especially when it comes to the time you have together. Something that also fits the questions I get there. This gives a completely different dynamic, which I enjoy a lot.’

What do you like about SST-coaching?

‘I just find the oddities of human behavior very interesting. It is also nice to offer what we all regularly need; reflecting on how things are going, which emotions and feelings you have and what that could mean in terms of the desire to change. With our knowledge about psychology and the processes, the view on the problems if often a bit more clearer.

I like working from the Single Session Therapy (SST) Method to get, in one session, to an understanding that fits someone’s question or wish to change so that they can move forward.’

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