Josine van Vechgel

Master Organisationalpsychology & Mindfulness Specialisation

A hard, confrontational approach does not suit Josine Christie van Vegchel (33). In her One Session coaching, she is gentle, empathic, and involved. But also: solution-oriented. I always give my clients concrete tools that really help them. 


‘People can come to me if they feel stuck or if they want to learn to be more assertive and take better care of themselves. I also help people with (pre) burn-out problems.

Sometimes it’s not entirely clear yet where the pain sits. In a conversation, we can figure that out together.’

What is your style as a coach?

‘As a coach for One Session, I always try to see through the answers. If, after answering a question, someone mumbles, “But yeah, that’s not a problem” then I keep asking. I know right away: there’s something there. 

I am always gentle, empathetic and committed. A hard, confrontational approach does not suit me. I find nothing strange, my clients have nothing to be ashamed of. I am solution oriented. I do not delve endlessly into someone’s past. Together with my clients I look at how they can focus their attention on the now. 

People can come to me with burn-out complaints, if they feel they have become stuck – at work, privately or both – or if they want to learn to stand up for themselves more. Sometimes it is not yet entirely clear where the hitch is. That is not a problem. We can find out together during a conversation.’ 

What is your background?

‘After a double bachelor and a master in Labour and Organisational Psychology at Utrecht University, I specialised in mindfulness. Psychology is very focused on the head, but I like to approach people holistically. That enables me to look at a situation from all sides. 

In my work, I have always been interested in the question: why do people do things they don’t want to? And more importantly: how can you change that behaviour?

Besides my work as a psychologist, I work as a trainer and coach in the business world. In this capacity, I deal with diversity and inclusion, among other things, and I guide employees in their professional development. 

I enjoy living in Amsterdam, but sometimes I miss nature. In my spare time I like to go out with my husband and young daughter in our Volkswagen T3 California camper. It is our home on wheels. I love other cultures and foreign languages, travelling broadens my perspective.’

What do you like about SST-coaching?

‘I always find it a great honour to get a glimpse into someone’s life. To open myself up to someone’s world and have them allow me in.

A session is successful for me when someone feels heard and understood. I always give my clients concrete tools that they can really use. I believe that’s the strenth of the Single Session Therapy (SST) method’

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