Melissa van Groenendael

Melissa van Groenendael

Master Clinical Psychology and Student Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Melissa van Groenendael (1983) is curious and never willing to stop learning. She has successfully completed two studies, including Clinical Psychology. Currently she is following a 4-year course in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. ‘The better you know yourself, the more control you can take over your life. The beauty is that you do not have to do this alone.’

Experience & Expertise

‘People can come to me if they want to gain insight into their patterns and would like to break these patterns. I like to work with people who have trouble with understanding their feelings, anxiety, doubts and would like to be mirrored. I have experience if you face problems with addiction, your identity or personality, fear and trauma.’

Wat is your style as a coach?

‘People sometimes call me the feelings-psychologist because I work well with people who want to get in touch with their feelings again. Because of my empathy, openness and calm demeanor, I quickly make contact. I try to find out the underlying theme of the issues that you are facing. In the session, confrontation is needed for awareness. Only then can reflection begin, which can lead to change and growth.

I like it when people during a session, can say and show me what they think, despite their fear. Sometimes you need someone to whom you can express your secret, dark or shameful thoughts, for the first time. Then it turns out not to be as bad or it becomes clear what the underlying theme is. It can be the start of a change.

Furthermore, I am a creative person, practical and I like humor during a session. Through my body-oriented training I involve the body in a session. The body does not lie and therefore also provides information. Also through the screen in a video-call.’

What is your background?

‘When I started my education for Psychology, I thought I would graduate as a Work- and Organizational Psychologist. Nevertheless, I eventually opted for Clinical Psychology and it turned out to be a good fit for me. I started out in the field of addiction both outpatient and in clinics. Later on I started treating more personality problems. I mainly work on the emotional experience and therapeutic relation.

I work with my intuition and use different methods; CBT, Schema Therapy, Character Styles and Transactional Analysis. In the session I look at what the other person needs and what fits in the process. I have been working as an independent psychologist for a year now.

I live with my husband and three children in a quiet and green area of Brabant. A hectic existence in a quiet place; my ideal combination. In my spare time I like yoga, listening to music, singing and reading.’

What do you like about SST-coaching?

‘I like to talk to people about the underlying issues and feelings. Because of my sincere curiosity, I stand next to the other person and we look together at the problem. The moments of connection and real connection are nice.

With the Single Session Therapy (SST) Method I think out-of-the-box and I will try to put the other person back in their strength.’

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