Sophie Patrick

Sophie Patrick

Masters in Clinical Psychology with a postgraduate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Sophie Patrick (1992) has a background in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Sophie is here for you to find your way by helping you gain an understanding of what needs to change and supporting you to implement the necessary steps. 

Experience & Expertise

‘I make sure that people feel in charge of their difficulties so that the problems do not take charge of them. I am empathic, caring and analytical. I want to help put you back in the driving seat!’

What is your style as a coach?

‘As a coach, it is important to hold space for all of my clients, ensuring they feel safe to discuss their difficulties. I listen to problems empathically and carefully with the ability to dissect and analyze what is being said, allowing the client to understand or see things from a different perspective.

I make sure that people feel in charge of their difficulties so that the problems do not take charge of them. I look at the difficulty together with my client so that the problems can be focused on in the present and linked back to the past if it’s necessary.

People can come to me if they feel a lack of direction in life, are experiencing symptoms of burnout or going through personal struggles. It can also be that you are unsure of what you are struggling with and that is something we can figure out in session.’

What is your background?

‘My masters in Clinical Psychology has allowed me to work in various places across the world meaning that I have experience with individuals from differing backgrounds. I have worked in both long and short-term treatment teams and believe that the Single Session Therapy (SST) Method can benefit everyone.

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and interested in why we behave the way we do. I have experience treating a wide range of difficulties but people should feel welcome to come to me if they are struggling with personal difficulties as I am able to help people take a step back, gain perspective of their difficulties and manage everyday worries.

I myself am an expat, being born and raised in England. I am thoroughly interested and have a large appreciation for other cultures. Getting out in nature is very important to me so I love going for long walks and practicing mindfulness.’

What do you like about SST-coaching?

‘With the Single Session Therapy (SST) Method somebody can come to me with a problem and leave with potential solutions. I thoroughly enjoy dissecting the difficulties together and looking at possible ways to move forward. A session feels successful if there is more clarity for my client by the end of the session than the beginning.’

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