Elise Peetoom

Elise Peetoom

Healthcare Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and EMDR-Therapist

Elise Peetoom (1982) looks at the strength that someone has inside themselves to solve problems and take on challenges in life.

Experience & Expertise

‘People can come to me if they worry a lot, it they get stuck in their work, if they want to change certain behavior or run into problems with parenting.’

What is your style as a coach?

‘My style is warm, positive and open, with a sense of humor. I am empathetic and will always have a conversation with someone based on equality and without judgement.

Asking for help is the bravest thing you can do. If you take the step to ask for help, I am ready, willing and happy to help you.

I will take the leads in conversations so that we quickly gain clarity and a good overview of the problems we encounter.’

What is your background?

‘When I was eighteen, I had a part-time job in homecare. What I liked most about this job was the contact I had with people, all with a different background. I had so many nice conversations and I felt I wanted to do more with that.

I chose to study Psychology at the UvA. I graduated in Clinical Psychology and subsequently developed myself as a healthcare (GZ) psychologist into a general psychologist. This means I can carry out treatments for various complaints. You can think of work and relationship problems, worrying, sadness, grief, anxiety and eating problems. I have worked in the departments for anxiety, trauma and depression in various institutions.

Since 2016 I have my own practice in Castricum where I enjoy living and working. I love this place because of all the surrounding nature. This for me is peace and freedom!’

What do you like about SST-coaching?

‘I like working efficiently. No waiting times for the client and straight to work. Often a person is helped so well with just one conversation that further therapy is not even necessary. With the Single Session Therapy (SST) Method you can already create so much overview for a client, that they can continue independently with a breath of fresh air.

This is precisely the fact that you are independent as a coach that makes it nice for people to be open abouts things, without holding back. It is special to notice that someone you do not know, tells you so much and you can therefore help them well! It is these conversations that give me a lot of energy.’

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