Theo Stor

Clinical and Work & Organizational Psychologist, specialized in work and human focused coaching

Theo Stor (1957) will give you just that little nudge you need to overcome your problems without judgement.

Experience & Expertise

‘You can come to me with topics related to people and work interaction in the broadest sense. Examples include stress at work, (colleague) communication problems, career choices, dealing with feedback and also when you find yourself struggling with burn-out symptoms.’

What is your style as a coach?

‘I will try to help you tackle your own issues. You can often come up with the best solution yourself, but I will guide you and together we will figure it out. I will also help you see the possible consequences of your solutions. The main goal is to help you overcome your own problems.

I have a broad understanding of work problems and if you would like I will provide you feedback without judging. During our session I will try to give you that little push that you need, so you will be able to really tackle what you’re dealing with.’

What is your background?

‘After my study Clinical Psychology and Work & Organizational Psychology, I specialized in human and work coaching. At work, you might be prone to working too hard, or ‘wrong’ even, or maybe it’s hard for you to communicate with your colleagues, supervisor or customers in the way you would like. Of course there can also be more personal topics for coaching, that play a roll both at work and at home.

In addition to my work as a psychologist and coach, I also teach at the postmaster Work and Organizational Psychology. I like to travel with my wife and three children and maintain a vegetable garden to counterbalance all the hustle and bustle in my life.’

What do you like about SST-coaching?

‘I always enjoy being able to help someone take a step towards further growth. Get to the root of the problem together and help you find a solution.’

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