Terms and Conditions One Session

1. Who we are and how to reach us

Who we are and how to reach us

We are One Session; a collective of university-educated, experienced psychologists with digital support.

One Session is part of The Brain Gym BV, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 68556500

If you want to reach us, you can:

by email: [email protected]

We will answer your email on working days (Monday to Friday between 9 and 17) as soon as possible and in any case within one working day.

by telephone: 020-7510882

You can reach us by telephone on working days (Monday to Friday between 9 and 17).

online appointment: onesession.nl or singlesession therapy.nl

You can schedule an appointment for a video call in our agenda from 3 weeks up to 4 hours in advance. This is also possible outside office hours.

2. Applicability

These terms apply to everything you do with us: booking a session on our site and contacting us by email, videocall, WhatsApp or phone.

3. What we do

We use our experience, knowledge and insights to help people better cope with problems and to enrich their lives. We do this with therapy, coaching and sharing information, through the appropriate channels such as video call, mail, telephone and face to face.

4. How we do it

We follow the professional code of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP) – you can find it here.

We do not pretend to know how you should live your life. We are trying to find out what your goals are and how you can achieve them.

We do not enter into a treatment relationship, we have an advisory role. We share our best insights and tools. We are not liable for what you do with that advice.

5. What we do not do

Too many to mention, of course. But important to mention here:

Our approach is not suitable for the treatment of chronic, severe psychiatric problems. For this, you can make an appointment with your GP. He or she can advise you on an appropriate treatment and refer you to it.

We cannot take care of you in crisis situations. In the event of a crisis, contact your GP or 113 | suicide prevention | ☎ 0900-0113. For more information see: Crisis service and crisis shelter.

6. The appointment for the video call session

You schedule an appointment with one of our coaches in our agenda.

Once we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the video call within 20 minutes.

It is important to us that the appointment takes place at the time you have chosen. If there is no other option, we would rather use a colleague than cancel the appointment. We always let you know beforehand. If you would rather postpone your appointment with the same psychologist to another time, this is also possible.

7. Reschedule or cancel

If another time suits you better or if you want to cancel an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. There is a link in your confirmation email that allows you to do that quickly and easily.

Re-scheduling and cancelling appointments are free of charge. Only if you change or cancel at the last moment (from 24 hours in advance) or if you do not participate in the session without notice.

If you book One Session Business with your company code, you can email us to cancel or reschedule. There is no charge up to 24 hours in advance. If you cancel or postpone without notice or do not attend the session at all, you will be charged the normal rate.

Depending on the agreements with your organisation, this will be paid for by your organisation or you will pay this yourself. You get this information from your organisation and you can also see it in the company code. If it starts with an A, the costs of late cancellations or not participating without notice are for the employee him/herself.

8. SimplyBook.me Ltd

For the planning, postponement and cancellation of appointments we use the online booking system of SimplyBook.me Ltd. Here you can find the privacy policy of SimplyBook.

9. Payment and rates

You pay in advance, online with mollie. You have the right to view, correct, object to the use of, limit the use of, transfer or delete your personal data that Mollie processes. You can send your objection or request for inspection, correction, restriction, transfer or deletion to [email protected].

Our hourly rate is € 175.  

Individual treatment aimed at protecting, maintaining and restoring (mental) health” and prevention is exempt from VAT.

Relationship therapy is not exempt from VAT. We find this unreasonable and therefore take that amount for our account. The rate for relationship therapy, including 21% VAT, is therefore also €175 for 60 minutes,

Work-related sessions are not exempt from VAT. Under certain conditions, career coaching is tax deductible for private individuals, employers and independent entrepreneurs. The rate for the session is € 175 + 21% VAT = € 211,75

10. Complaints

We are sorry if you have a complaint and would like to hear about it as soon as possible. That way we can solve it as soon as possible.

Please call or e-mail during office hours and describe your complaint as clearly as possible, that way we can help you best.

We will find a solution as soon as possible. In any case, we will let you know within 2 days how we intend to solve it or how much time we need to find a solution.

11. Disputes

If we can’t work it out together, we will go to the court in Amsterdam as a last resort. We cannot imagine it coming to that, but it is good to know that you have that right (everything we do is governed by Dutch law).

12. Privacy

One of the advantages of talking to a psychologist is that we are bound to secrecy. So everything you share with us stays with us.

Only if you tell us that you want to harm yourself will we take action to protect you and others.

We do not share information with your GP, health insurance or other people or institutions.

If the sessions are reimbursed by your organisation, the same duty of confidentiality applies. We only share an anonymous 1 to 5 star rating of the session with the organisation.

13. Sound recording

Het kan handig zijn om een geluidsopname te maken van de sessie zodat je het gesprek later nog terug kan luisteren. Geluidsopnames worden alleen gemaakt wanneer je daar behoefte aan hebt. De It can be useful to make an audio recording of the session so that you can listen to the conversation later. Audio recordings are only made when you feel the need for it. The recording is for personal use only. Publication or sharing via internal or other means is not permitted. We do not keep a copy of the recording and never make recordings other than at your request.

14. Last but not least

If we change anything in our terms and conditions, we will report this on our site.